Ushering Department

The Ushering Department is one of the best department in the Christ Apostolic Church Latona, English Assembly(Anointing Chapel). The Department is headed by Elder Alatise Olufemi

It is my pleasure to share with you what it means to be an usher, the duties and benefits of the ushering dept.
The ushering dept. is one of the departments in Christ Apostolic Church General Headquarters meant for stewardship and headed by Deaconess Femi-Ajide.
As an usher, you are a steward who would use all of his talent and repeatedly sacrificing his desires to do things right.
Ushers as the ones who stand at the door, greet, and distribute pamphlets, can be considered an ambassador for the church, and a key part in the body of Christ. The role is supposed to continue long after the church has adjourned. The life of an usher should be an example of Christian living in everyday life. Daily conduct should be in line with the word of God, the Bible, and the ministry of Jesus. The role of the usher in the church is a volunteer position, and is often considered one of honor, particularly if the church or a church committee member becomes an usher by nomination.
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The church usher has many duties. Depending on the churcha€?s denomination, size and preferences,
ushers may perform all, some or a few of the following:

1. Greet people entering the service.
2. Seat attendants (though it is common for attendees to seat themselves).
3. Collect the tithes and offerings.
4. Keep order at the entrance.
5. Cleans and prepare the church.
6. Count people in service.
7. Distributing and collecting surveys (such as visitorsa€? pamphlets).
8. Distribute bulletins and service programmes.
9. Prepare the altar for service.

Ushers are required to be punctual and time conscious as they are required to be in the church far earlier than the rest of the congregation. Since they are part of the service, they need to meet early in order to pray with the clergy.
Adequate spiritual preparation by the ushers ensures a service full of the presence of God.


1. GREETING- An usher is to normally greet people in a way that would make them feel good about their presence in the church.
Be a great welcome to the house of God.

2. ASSIST VISITORS TO THEIR SEATS- Never leave a visitor looking for a place to sit.

3. PROVIDE A COMFORTABLE TEMP. IN THE CHURCH- Ensure therea€?s no walking about, no fighting, help the weak and those sleeping. Ensure attendees are properly dressed.

4. ASSIST PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS- Ensure that people get whatever assistance they may require of you.
Help those who need to ease themselves to leave and enter again.


1. Know where the restrooms are.
2. Know where and what ministries are going on.
3. Avoid long conversations (also with other ushers).
4. Make the people, members and guests feel welcome and important.
5. Must always wear a smile.
6. Know where available seats are when the church is filling up.
7. Cover for your fellow usher when needed.
8. Find a replacement if not able to usher when scheduled. Advise team captain.
9. Keep movement to minimum at all times especially during altar call.
10. Make regular checks throughout building facilities to make sure no one is wondering around the halls.
11. Keep sanctuary doors closed during service time, control incoming and outgoing crowds.