Technical Unit

Technical Department is one of the best department in the Christ Apostolic Church Latona, English Assembly(Anointing Chapel). The Department is headed by Engr Sunday Odeniran

Technical department of the church is responsible for maintenance of technical equipment and media coverage of the church.

The Technical Department exists for this purpose: to invest ourselves in a ministry that will directly support and reinforce the presentation of  Biblical truths that requires the support of lighting, audio, video, sound or any other form of technical support during church services, events as well as stage support. We will strive to do this in a manner that is honoring to our God.
Duties of the department include:

  1. Maintaining and setting up musical instruments, audio and visual equipment in the church for the service and other outreach programs.
  2. Recording messages of every services and special programmers and produce (or reproduce) CD and DVD.
  3. Creating/updating and publishing media information of the church.
  4. Setting up and maintaining IT and networking equipment in church.


Please contact Engr, Sunday Odeniran to join this kingdom service group and be rest assured that you will reap the great benefits of Kingdom service as you get plugged in, in Jesus name!