Publicity Department

The Publicity Department is one of the best department in the Christ Apostolic Church Latona, English Assembly(Anointing Chapel). The Department is headed by Elder Dr. Yomi Akomolafe

The purpose of Church publicity is expressed in the definition. Its single purpose is to turn the opinions and the conduct of men, in the Church and outside of it, toward the purposes for which the Church exists.

Therefore Church publicity is a means of education, and of evangelization. It fails in its purpose, if either means is sought, to the exclusion of the Other.

Whether a particular publicity effort takes the Form of a periodical, a handbill, a bulletin, a letter, an advertisement, or a sermon, it is not fulfilling its full mission unless it carries its informative (educational) message, and in addition, a portion of the “Good News” (evangelization) that the Church has to tell to the world.

This is basic, fundamental. Unless it is the central principle of every publicity effort, it is not a proper publicity effort) for the Church to undertake.

The principle disposes for all time, of the objection that some Churches publicity is undignified, cheapening, out of harmony with the whole genius of the Church. There is such unworthy publicity, Fortunately there is but little of it in the Episcopal Church.

There can be none of it, if every person engaged in Church publicity has as the heart and center of his program, the definition here suggested, and then the two- fold function of every publicity effort, to inform and to evangelize. To Join Publicity Department Contact Elder Dr. Yomi Akomolafe