ICT Department




This department came into being as a result of moving gospel around the world in order to win more soul for Christ, then the journey started with soul aim of winning shepherd for Christ.

Definition of Information Communication Technology:

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is the term in which the Information Technology and its devices are being used in order to perform Communication. It includes the devices or applications like radio, television, cell-phones, computer and network, hardware and software, satellite system, etc. It is the organization and management of software and hardware by human ware. ICT deals with the digital data and the ways of storing, retrival transmission and receipt of how these concepts work when put together. Communication of distance in ICT is mainly done by electronic means, which is the use of networks connection or internet.

Information communication Technology today usually means computer based management of data or information or ideas which is emphasis more on real-time communication using technologies like instant messaging, voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing, etc.

Why ICT for Christian Ministry?

As it is said before, the situation of today’s world demands Information Technology almost in every field of life. As well as, Christian ministry is to serve other people in the name of God; how can we serve people’s need without using ICT and its devices in this technological age? Unless we develop our means of ministry, we may not meet the need of the people of today. Therefore Christian Ministry has to be done along with all new technologies, so that the results may spread over and the consequences may widen in a broader way.

 Role and function of ICT in Christian ministry:

In this technological world, almost everything is exercised and done by new media or new technology like computer and its other devices including internet. That is the reason why today’s Christians or churches are making use of such technologies in doing their ministry and mission. Role and functions of ICT in the Christian ministry are looked up in the followings with ICT devices like print media, radio, television, cell phone, video conferencing/seminar, internet, cyber church.