Children Department

The Children Department is one of the best department in the Christ Apostolic Church Latona, English Assembly(Anointing Chapel). The Department is headed by Dr S S Akindokun

  1. The department is responsible for the spiritual growth of the children aged 0-8 years & Pre-Teens 9-12 in the Church.
  2. The group shall conduct teaching and worship and prayer meeting for the children.
  3. To participate actively in all Area, Provincial and National programmes.
  4. The group shall organize and maintain a friendly environment conducive for teaching and worship for the children.
  5. The children shall be divided into age groups for easy teaching and effective reach.
  6. The group shall organize visitation and follow-up strategies/programmes to encourage the children.
  7. The teachers should ensure that the children improve spiritually, morally and increase numerically.
  8. Various interesting/educating programmes should be organized for the children spiritual and mental well-being. These shall include Bible Quiz, Painting, Film shows, etc.
  9. Periodical training should be organized for the departments’ members to enhance their teaching and child-management skills.
  10. Members should not lose focus of RCCG vision – “To make heaven.” In view of this, regular worship (Bible Study, Prayers and Worship) should be organized to encourage spiritual awareness and growth.
  11. The Head of Department who is responsible for the running of the Department will report to the Minister in charge who will in turn report to the Pastor-In-Charge of the Parish.
  12. Members of the department shall operate with high sense of discipline and professionalism.