About CAC English Assembly (Anointing Chapel) Latona Osogbo


The English arm of the Church, CAC Latona, Osogbo took off in September, 1996 after the report of a committee that was set up for the consideration of establishment of English Speaking Service was submitted to the Church-in-Council in May, 1996 along with the collated hymn book.

All this happens under the able leadership of the Chairman, Pastor P.O, Bandele supported by pastor E.O Bolorunduro and other Ministers in collaboration with other talented Elders of the Church.

PRIOR TO THE ABOVE, Pastor John Olakanmi Igbokwe, posted to Latona Assembly to be the Minister in Charge of the English Section on the 1st of August, 1996 and arrived on the 12th August , 1996. This was on the request of the Chairman, Pastor P.O. Bandele. Thus, Pastor Igbokwe was part of the inaugural service formally, establishing the English arm of the assembly, at the inaugural service ; Pastor E.O.Bolorunduro was announced as the supervisor of the English Assembly.

All glory and unreserved praises be unto the immortal and invisible God for the establishment, sustenance and maintenance of his Church Jesus said in Luke 12 vs 32 “fear not, little flocks; it is your father’s good pleasure to give you kingdom”. This was the word of God to this chapel over two decades ago.

To pioneer a new idea of such magnitude among many Pastors and Evangelists was not an easy task. English Assembly was seen as not very necessary because according to them, the devil neither understand nor listens to English language

For five years the English assembly was given only one hour to conduct her services from 7am to 8am after which they vacate the Church auditorium for the Yoruba service to commence. The pioneer Pastor had to appeal to the leadership to give the English session more time yielded a result in which the service had to start by 6am to 8am.

As God is faithful to His word, He helped us to secure the basement of the Church to start an English service with the approval and directives of the successor of Pastor Bandele as the Chairman Osogbo DCC and now the current President of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide Pastor Abraham Olukunle Akinosun, who by wisdom explained how CAC itire English Assembly Lagos is growing at her pace with no disturbance from her Yoruba assembly.

So was the assembly established and was named the English Assembly, the Anointing Chapel Latona Osogbo. There were lots of prophecies of glory and greatness for the church which we have witnessed the fulfillment and more are still going to come to past in the name of Jesus.



Pastor Igbokwe was the first pastor in charge of the English chapel; he was actively supported by other ministers of God and all the gifted Elders who opted to worship in the new assembly which includes: pastor M.A Fanibe, Elder E.A. Adeoye (now pastor),Elder H.A.Adekanye, Dr. S.A.Afolayan (now pastor) and Dns J.M Ilori, Bro E.S. Ajeigbe, (now pastor), Mr. Kayode Afolabi (now Elder) and others. Pastor Adeoye headed the Sunday School deparment, Dns. J,M. ilori headed the Ushering department while Pastor Robert Adetayo (now late) headed the Chorister deparment.

During Pastor Igbokwe’s administration the Church witnessed the following:

1, Elder E.A. Adeoye was ordained as an associate Pastor

2, The English Chapel was moved to the basement of the Church because of the incessant clash between Yoruba and English Services

3, The Chapel was fully equipped with new instruments

4, The Chapel’s services was extended by an additional hour from 7-9am to7-10am

4, The mid-week service was introduced which has metamorphosed into the Bible study till date

The following Elders and Deaconesses were ordained to join the then Elders of the Church;

  1. Elder E.O Adedeji (first Chapel Secretary)
  2. Late elder Oladipo Fadare
  3. Elder I.A Opasina
  4. Elder Kayode Afolabi
  5. Elder (Dr).K.A.B Oguniyi (now pastor)
  6. Elder (Dr). S.A Afolayan (now pastor)
  7. Elder R.O Oyatoye and
  8. Dcns J.M Ilori

Pastor Igbokwe was promoted to the rank of District Superintendent and was transferred to Imesi-Ile in May, 2002


Pastor Olatunde took over the leadership of the assembly in June 2002 and was assisted by Pastors E.A Adeoye, S.A. Afolayan G.O Adebayo, J.K Olatunde and P.O Adams.

God used Pastor Olatunde with the support of the Chairman Pastor A.O Akinosun, to record the following achievements;

1, Purchase of the first Chapel Bus

2, Purchase of Air Conditioners

3, Replacement of the old wooden benches to plastics chairs

4, Purchase of plots of land for a branch of the chapel  at Oke Baale (Matanmi Area) Osogbo named ‘‘Anointing Chapel II’’

5, Launching of the Maiden Magazine of the Chapel Tagged ‘‘Anointing Voice’’

6, Purchase of the first Choir Robes

7, Replacement of chancel chair with set of upholstery chairs

8, Purchase of new Drum Sets, PSR 2000 Keyboard, Saxophone and other public Address System material

9, Terrazzo of the Church floor

10, Ordination of elder S.A.Afolayan as a Pastor and the appointment of elders like; A.K. Faniran, Akani, Omisade, Deaconess Afolayan, Opasina and Oke.

The population to an extent of using canopies and projector to relay the service to people sitting outside the Church hall, Pastor Olatunde was transferred to Ilorin in October, 2007.


Pastor Osadiya came to take over on Nov 2007;he was assisted by all the Associate Pastors. With the support of Pastor A.O Akinosun and the Church- in- Council, the church was blessed during his tenure and achieved the following among other things

  1. Laying of the foundation of Anointing Chapel II
  2. Replacement of faulty public Address System with new ones

iii. The creation of many societies like Faith, Blessed, Praise Generation, Christ Ambassadors, Achievers. As only two societies was created before his arrival. i.e Stand for Christ and Light of the Lord society

He was transferred to Ayetoro, Ogun State in July 2010


JAN. 2015)

The mantle of leadership of the Chapel fell on Pastor Luke Adegbaye in July 2010 and was assisted by all the Associate Pastors.

Within the administration of Pastor Luke Adegbaye and the support of his associate under the leadership of the Chairman, Pastor J.K. Olaosebikan, the Church recorded the following successes through the grace of Almighty God:

1, Purchase of the second Bus

2, Live word ministration on OSBC Channel 32 UHF tagged ‘‘Kingdom Hour’’

3, The first open air crusade of the chapel tagged ‘‘Easter revival” which has since become an annual prayer revival

4,Purchase of Chapel Generator, more Air Conditioners, Public Address System and many instrument useful for service

5, Graduation of the first set of the newly established discipleship class

6, Launching and presentation of the first Choir Album tagged ‘‘Ore Otito’’ to mark the first Choir Anniversary of the Chapel

7, Ordination of Pastor E.S Ajeigbe and the following Deaconesses Lawuyi and Ogunniyi

8, Addition to the existing societies of the Chapel

9, Building of Anointing Chapel II up to roofing level

The lord added to the fold daily as souls are being won for Christ continually. He was promoted to the rank of District superintendent and transferred to Ipaja district Headquarters Lagos January 2015.

PASTOR JOHN EDEMEVUGHE (Jan 2015 – June 2016)

Pastor John came to the church as the 5th pastor in charge under the leadership of Pastor M.A.Ogundeji. He specializes in church growth and worked assiduously to ensure the growth and extension of the chapel

He started leadership class in the church and organizes many seminars for the growth of the church. Pastor John ensures that the existing programs of the chapel like discipleship class, Annual open air crusades and kingdom hour continues in his time

The roofing of anointing chapel II was completed and two churches commenced service in his time namely:

  1. Christ Apostolic Church, Salvation Way assembly Aduramigba area, Ido-Osun under the pastorate of pastor E.S.Ajeigbe
  2. Christ Apostolic Church Anointing Chapel II Oke-Baale (Matanmi Area) Osogbo of which Pastor John chose to go along with the people of God that wished to be worshiping there as the pastor-in-charge. A full service commences on the 26th of June 2016. As at this day, the branch church had been upgraded to the status of a district headquarter under him as the District Superintendent and is otherwise renamed as CAC Mountain Of Blessing (MOB) District.

PASTOR E.O. OLOWOOKERE (June 2016 till Date)

Pastor olowookere was posted to the Anointing Chapel as the 6th pastor-in-charge and resumed fully on the 26th of June 2016 under the leadership of Pastor M.A. Ogundeji.

As the Lord will have it, under his watch, there had been tremendous progress for the chapel including

the reorganization of the departments with their supervisory elders and the inclusion of the IT/ICT department.

On November 2017 the appointment of new seven elders and four deaconesses which are: Elders G. S. Ogunniyi, D. O. Olukoga, A. Chiazor, Ben Ropo Ogunwale, Femi Alatise, J. A. Durosomo and Gbenga Omoboyo (Canada), with Deaconesses Faniran, Oluwole, Olukoga, and Alatise.  Due to the rapid growth and visible limitations the English Assembly were experiencing, the pastor set up a committee headed by Eld. D. O. Olukoga (then Mr) to scout for a better and befitting land mass (able to occupy this great assembly as a permanent site after two decades), by March 2017, the committee was able to locate a big property for the church at Egbatedo street Osogbo which was purchased. By 2nd December 2017, the foundation for the chapel permanent site was laid by the then DCC Superintendent Pastor M. A. Ogundeji (now Babajide Regional Superintendent), and the work continues non stop under the current DCC Superintendent Pastor G. O. Obiwale.

As a foremost English Assembly of Christ Apostolic Church, Pastor Olowookere with the support of the newly established IT/ICT department designed a befitting functional website for the church whose domain is caclatonaanointingchapel.org

As God will have it, under his visionary administration, the church has started House Fellowship with 10 centers from 9 zones just in April 2019 while the building project is progressing to its completion.

God is using him to continued with all the programs with additional enriching programs such as couples luncheon, singles’ love feast and many more. The Lord God is adding to his fold till date.


Sunday School, Choir, Ushering,Intercessory  Juvenile, Editorial, Welfare, Technical, Evangelism, Drama, Visitation, Traffic Management, Sanctuary Keepers, Media and IT/ICT.


CACMA (Anointed Men), Good Women Association (Anointed Women) and Youth Fellowship


Men: Stand for Christ, The Light of the lord,Kingdom Life, Achievers, Christ Ambassadors, Goshen

Women: Praise Generation,  Progressive, Glory, Peace, Blessed, Faith, Christ Foundation


“Latona, Ataoja Estate, Oke-Onitea, Owode Ede, Owode Ilesha, Dada Estate, Ofatedo (two centers), Ota Efun and Okini.”