An Open Letter To All Believers

Date: This day of the year
To all,
God’s children,
from all walks of life,
and everywhere.
Dearly Beloveds,
Calvary greetings to everyone reading this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It’s no longer a news that the world we are today has been bedevilled by a ravaging viral disease tagged Corona Virus (COVID-19). This pandemic surge has affected the global system as if there had not been any. However, global attention over this virus is no doubt encouraging, and despite of this, the range of spread of this dreaded disease keeps arousing frightfulness in the minds of humanity. In fact, no one has been able to lay claim to the curative aid of this covid-19 as at the time of this writing, thus making the WHO to be providing preventive measures such as personal hygiene, washing of hands frequently, social distancing, self isolation, quarantine etc.
On this wise, governments of nations have begun to take stringent measures of which are affecting both the government and the governs (secularly and religiously). In fact, a lot of people have been kicking against the (so called) inhumane policies. Well, be that as it may be, why I’m taking it a responsibility to address the beloveds of this trying time is to present the view of God’s Word to everyone (read Matthew 24:1-8 precisely).
That the world is at this stage as we speak will then mean what? Even though we’re facing this and the likes does not tends towards revealing the time (Mark 13:33) but show that, the imminent prophecy of rapture, second coming and as well as the final judgment are true to the letter and shall not fail (Matt. 24:8).
May I let you know that situations like this (although new) are not uncommon historically (Luke 21:12). I will not want the faithful Christians to see the government directive of staying away or social distancing as means of persecution to us. Remember, it is not meant for the church alone but for all public gatherings. Okay you may want to object my opinion by citing an example of market places and or the other people of (perhaps living) faith (as referred to by comparative religion). I want you to think about it that you are said to be the light of the world and that we have directives to be different in our obedience to the authority (be it secular and sacred) see Matt. 5:14; Romans 13:1ff . Thus, we ought to consider our own roles in a time like this.
So what should be our roles as God’s people?
#1. We don’t have to fear (Luke 21:9)
#2. We just have to strengthen our faith.
#3. We need to intensify on our intercession for the salvation of the sinners.
#4. We’re to tenaciously hold on to the righteousness of God.
#5. Ours is to see to the spreading of the gospel of the kingdom of God, and God’s is to see to the people’s conversion.
This means, we are do the preaching of God’s love and not impose religion on anyone.
#6. It’s no doubt that believers shall undergo serious persecution, thus we’re to stand up to encourage the persecuted ones and as well as encourage ourselves in the promises of the LORD. And the last…
#7. We are to keep hope alive, that weather we are alive till the Lord’s return, or we are asleep (dead regardless of what kill us) in Christ, in as much as it is not as a result of our foolishness to or disobedience, we shall be rewarded with rapture of the saints.
Don’t forget we are the salt of the earth (Matt. 5:13) and thence the Lord had prayed for our safety despite the evil circumstance (John 17:15). Therefore, let us avoid any act that can dent the image of the church regardless of how the unsuspecting non believers view us.
My earnest prayer is that the good LORD will because of the saints bring a rapid relief and a lasting solution to the world through Christ Jesus our Lord (Amen).
Yours in Christ
Pastor E. O. Olowookere
(El Elohe Yechezqel)

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